The People First Party Server is intended to be a fun, welcoming, and friendly environment for all players to play on. As such, we have a list of rules we expect all players to follow with no exceptions. By choosing to play on the People First Party Server or use the People First Party Forums, Discord, or Teamspeak, you agree to follow all the rules listed below. For our Privacy Policy, click here.

Our main goal is for People First Party Server is to be a positive and respectful space where cheating, inappropriate content, bad player behaviour and other negative things are kept to a minimum. We think the People First Minecraft community offers some of the most fun and creative gameplay available in the online Minecraft community, and we support the vast majority of players who respect others and play fairly. By following a few simple rules, we can all help make People First Party stay a great place to play some fun games with friends.

1) Respect All Players

All players have the right to be spoken to or addressed in a respectful manner. Players are all users that play on the People First Party Network.

We aim for the People First Party Server to be a fun and safe place for players to communicate and interact with each other respectfully. Our chat environment is a good way to talk to other players, discover new friends, and have fun while in lobbies and games.

We encourage players to cooperate and compete in a positive environment, but never in a way that disrespects or abuses other players. In short: treat others the way you would like to be treated.

Respecting players means that players should not create negative experiences for others.

Behaviour that is not allowed:

  • Discrimination – negative comments related to skin colour, gender, mental or physical health conditions, or other personal qualities
  • Overuse of bad language
  • Trolling players
  • Insulting other players in any way
  • Encouraging violence or hatred towards other players
  • Falsifying information about other players
  • Sharing another player’s personal information without their consent
  • Media advertising – Posting and sharing names and links to Youtube, Twitter, SnapChat, Domains, etc
  • Spamming – pasting the same or similar messages over and over
  • Intentionally avoiding the chat filter
  • Talking about self-harm, or other deeply negative experiences
  • Advertising giveaways (in Lobbies and forums)
  • Harassment of content creators (YouTubers, Streamers) with malicious intent of sabotaging games while they are under /nick protection
  • Discussion of inappropriate topics

2) Cheating and Exploiting

To provide a positive experience for all players, we disallow all hacks, cheats, macros, and other behaviours that are used to gain an unfair advantage.

Any bug on the server or within Minecraft that is used to gain an in-game advantage over other players is seen as unfair gameplay and is not allowed. This is to ensure that bugs that do arise are not used in an abusive manner to gain an unfair advantage in games.

This means no matter where they are on the server, regardless of the reason, game modifications, cheats, or exploits that give an unfair advantage to gameplay are strictly prohibited.

Unfair advantage means that players should not get interrupted during games for any of the reasons below:

  • Encouraging cheating
  • Exploiting
  • Autoclick / Macros
  • Cross teaming
  • Team griefing
  • Disallowed mods
  • Stats boosting
  • Boosting experience through illegitimate methods

If you find a bug please report it here: Bug Reports.

Modifications that are allowed on the People First Party Network are cosmetic mods which show limited amounts of additional information or mods that cannot otherwise give an unfair in-game advantage.

Categories of Allowed Modifications:

  • Client performance improvement mods (e.g. FPS improvement mods)
  • Aesthetic modifications (e.g. shaders mods)
  • Armor and Effect Status hud mods
  • Brightness and gamma adjustment mods

All modifications are used at your own risk. For more information, please read the Allowed Modifications Guide.

3) Sensible Creative and Artistic Content

We encourage players to be creative in art and designs in a way that doesn’t damage the experience of others. This includes all content such as drawings, item names, skins, and capes, which are created by players.

This rule is in place to provide a positive in-game experience for all players and provide an environment where inappropriate concepts and themes are not shared publicly. All players have the right to play in an environment which is suitable for a wide range of ages.

Sensible Creative and Artistic Content means that players can express themselves with interactive parts of the server. However, players also have the right to not be exposed to certain content. Please refer to the list below for content that should be reported to staff:

  • Inappropriate Drawings/Buildings – e.g. racist or sexual imagery
  • Inappropriate Item Names – e.g. racial slurs or sexual phrases
  • Inappropriate Pet Names – e.g. racial slurs or sexual phrases
  • Inappropriate Housing Plot – e.g. Housing plot themed around sexual imagery
  • Inappropriate Item Usages – e.g. racial slurs or sexual phrases using hats, signs etc.
  • Inappropriate Skins and Capes – e.g. racist or sexual imagery
  • Inappropriate Usernames – e.g. racist, sexual, or impersonating other users
  • Inappropriate Guild Names and Tags

If your account was found to have a bad username, you will not be able to log onto the server.

To be able to log back on the server, you need to change your username to something appropriate and then you will be allowed to log onto the server.

If you believe there has been a mistake with the username that you can not access the server with, please contact staff managers at our Hypixel Support site and use staff-feedback to discuss this further.

If you feel someone has broken this rule, please let us know by reporting the user.

4) Player and Account Safety

Players have the right to play in an environment that is safe from account phishing, scamming, and account selling

As a Minecraft server, we do not have any control over your Minecraft account. However, player safety is very important to us, so where possible, we take steps to help protect our players from losing their accounts or otherwise being tricked or subjected to scams.

Please do NOT share your Minecraft account details with anyone else. You are responsible for what happens to your account so make sure that your passwords are secure and that you never give them out to anyone.

Player and Account Security means that you use strong passwords, use 2FA, and do not share your information with other Users that you do not trust.

There are various ways that your security could be affected. Some are listed below:

  • Unauthorised account access – “Account Security Alert” will be used when we suspect your account is being used without your consent. We recommend contacting Mojang Support or referring to this guide.
  • Staff Impersonation – pretending to be a member of staff (Helper, Moderator, Admin, or other)
  • Youtuber Impersonation – pretending to be someone with the Youtuber rank
  • Trading items or accounts
  • Scamming
  • Phishing links
  • Account selling

We recommend you:

  • Use strong passwords (at least 12 characters long),
  • Use security questions with your Mojang account,
  • Use two-factor authentication (2FA) with your email address if your email provider supports it,
  • And most importantly, DO NOT SHARE your account information with anyone.